10 tips to make Android faster (free)

Here are 10 ways to speed up Android!
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    Should note. Don't fully turn off animations because some apps and games can become glitchy if the animation is set to 0. Some animations such as confirmation dialogs, or game animations simply wont show if that setting is at 0.

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    Personally, I use Lawnchair Launcher and I can highly recommend it. The performance is great, and has a LOT of customisation features.

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    I checked what was taking up most of my battery, and 'screen' was taking it up…

    I smashed the phone's screen with a hammer and suddenly it's running much faster than before

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    best browser imho is Via, very very small, uses the build-in android webview (which is basically chrome), adblocker, ton of nice options.
    best launcher imho is recent alpha of lawnchair.

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    Are there any tools for backing up the arrangement of icons on an Android phone's home screen? Or is this launcher-dependent? I use lots of folders to categorize my apps, and grouping them again after a factory reset takes hours. I'm thinking of the Android equivalent of backing up Windows 10's Start menu layout.

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    The best browser is via.0.5 mb and lot of feautures. Html5, search on page. Its so quick and fast, only bug, 20%chance and videos not loaded.

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    5:16 A launcher is NOT the entire skin, it is merely the home screen, the thing you see most often.
    An Android skin is also referring to the built-in apps, the System UI (status bar, notification shade, lock screen), Settings, animations and more.

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    I wish I understood what you were talking about. I have tons of samsung apps on my S9 that I don't know if I need them or not. I use YouTube so don't I have to have google chrome to do so? I wish I could take my phone to someone that would help me do all the stuff you're talking about. I'm too tech unsavvy for you to help me.

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