15 best Android games offline with console support 2018

15 best Android offline games and iOS games to play in 2018 using bluetooth console or game console, like you and have fun!

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    I suspect some of these will require a Moga controller specifically. I've tried Morphite and Stranger Things with standard Bluetooth gamepads with no success.

    I really dislike that some games require a Moga controller specifically. I'm guessing there is some deal made between developers/publishers and Moga to make such games require Moga specifically.

    Also, I think it's misleading for a game developer to say gamepad support is included but not inform the consumer that it must be a Moga controller.

    Perhaps there is something I'm missing, but that's what it seems like is going on.

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    Guys I have a problem: I tried to play driving school 2017 with a controller it worked BUT there were controls buttons that didn't work can somebody help me? (I used an Xbox One controller)

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