15 best puzzle games for Android and iOS 2019

Take a look at the best #PuzzleGames game of 2019. What is your favorite game? Let us know!

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    Cube Escape is without a doubt the nr 1 in how hard it is, the depht of the game is without a doubt amazingly well done. But it is extremely scary/creepy, so if you are not a fan of those, do not get it.

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    haha … this is not top ! … now it is gaining popularity game KICK and COWS 🙂 very funny gameplay similar to Angry birds

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    GameBox Always Makes Good Content For Gamers That's Why We Love Him I'm Also An Gaming Youtuber And I Take Inspiration From GameBox He Creates Good Content Thats Why I Love Him So Much I Want To Thank Him For The Inspiration He Gaved To Me

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    You made a video about puzzle games and don't mention any part of the greatest puzzle games ever called (The Room) such a shame ???

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