20 best Android apps for 2020!

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    Great video! In general I love Android for how multi-dimensional it can be configured and tweaked! Its THE OS for all people, that don't want to be limited to what a company may had restricted a product to! The other OS is for people with limited brain, so they are only able to use, what has been given to them!

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    hey guys, just asking, the gesture hint on the google pixel, as u can sed, it only has 1 short bar at the middle, just wondering if that'll be possible on samsung ones, i mean the gesture hints of samsung is 3 and its annoying

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    For the students out there, I rec the Study Bunny app, it's super helpful for tracking tasks and staying focus. It's cute and motivational. I'm always looking for helpful study tools so check this one out because it's my fave!!

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    some I'm from Poland and I've been watching you for a year and a half thank you that I can get a lot of technological knowledge from you Regards from Poland Pozdrawiam z polski

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