2014-2019 Install mirroring system from Toyota and Highlander smartphones

Beat-Sonic IF-02EP Smartphone Mirroring Kit is the plug-and-play solution for connecting an iPhone or Android to a Toyota factory screen. This kit is easy to install without the need for special tools and there are no modifications to the factory harness.

– Mirror your smartphone screen for viewing with video inputs including Google Maps, YouTube, photos and more.
– Perfect for HDMI inside car …


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    My 2015 XLE has a audio video delay (the sound does not match up with the video) on both Bluetooth and USB. Will your interface solve my issue while also improving the audio quality?

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    Can you still use the car radio while mirroring the phone screen?
    Also what is the on/ off switch that has to be pasted for and does it work with IPhone 8?

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    I have a corolla 2020 hybrid and it has apple car play. It also built in mirror option but I don't know how to activate it. I have a android phone. Do I need a Iphone to activate the mirror option in my car? Thanks.

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    I feel like if you are buying a car worth 40k then this should automatically come with it or better yet make it a wireless mirror

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    Absolutely ridiculous I have to do this if I want to buy a 2019 Toyota and get android auto. I've been a Toyota fanboy for 20 years. I'm done with Toyota and will be looking to Honda or Subaru for my next car.

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    Here is a 1 year update: I have a iphone6, works great, mirrors everything fine. Can stream netflix, youtube, etc except hulu so again eff you hulu. This bypass works great if you want more functionality with your radio, other than just being a dumb radio and navi. I intended to use this bypass originally as a way to mirror my iphone without having to purchase an aftermarket radio. Hopefully newer cars will just let you do this soon. Anyway, still works great.

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