2019 Best Android Smart App: Year-end overview from LEMFO LEMT to KOSPET PRIME and more!

Smartwatch reviews for appearance:
LEMT review:
LEM4 PRO review:
LEM10 Review:
LEM11 Review:
LEMX Review:
Thor 4 pro review:
Janus review:


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    Those are all ugly watches with bad battery life. I'll stick to my sleek even ultra thin in comparison huawei honor watch, maybe not as feature rich but at lease it doesn't look like a kids toy with a strap. Hopefully they make smart watches a genuine alternative soon to proper watches. Things have to drastically improve in smart watches, but thanks for sharing great videos anyway.

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    anything that looks like the x7.

    honestly, thats the only one that i could see myself wear. not an apple guy myself, but they know that these things have to be sufficiently sleek.

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    Hi there Mr.Ticks , so i was lucky enough to get the kospet prime for christmas… i need your help, im looking for watch faces that i can download and send to my watch. Could you advise me how i can do this as im new to the whole smart watch thing ?

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    Great as always Mr Ticks!
    2020 is coming with watch news and of course amazing faces for sure. ?
    Happy new year! ?

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    I have a question about the KOSPET PRIME does anyone know how to run apps in the background when when the screen is off/blank like audible i noticed the audio cuts out when the screen is blank

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    Buyer beware! If it doesn't say "Gorilla Glass" Dont buy it. KW88 Dead even with battery replacement. Thor 4 rubber wrist band tore and not replaceable. Lemfo Lem X Huge scratch on screen. Kospet Hope Scratched even with screen protector.

    Get a Wear OS its worth the extra money!

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    I’m wearing my Kospet Prime for 6 days now and the battery reads 43%. Does everything my Samsung note9 can do. LTE, 3gigs Ram and 32gigs for storage. Dual cameras. Appreciate your review. Thanks

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    Kospet Optimus Pro w/ front camera & transflective screen would be an instant buy for me. I like the idea of the dual system ability it has for extended usage when on long days out, & would love that system combined with an always-on transflective screen. Thanks for this 2019 round-up!

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    Mr. Ticks, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a big thank you for all your videos and fun that you bring to all of us all year????⌚

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