2019 ONN 10 "Walmart Tablet Review $ 79 Android 9 Tablet

In this video, take a look at the new 2019 Android 9.0 device for $ 79.1 inches, which is the Android 9.0 system from Walmart. I run some criteria to test some original android games like Pubg and Emulators as well as play video. Plus I compare it to the Amazon Fire 8 HD board.
Is it worth the price? Let's find out.

Get one here: 10.1 inch:
8 inches: …


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    Walmart put this on sale this weekend for $59… picked one up for work… florest here so mostly image files so I don’t have to use a laptop or desktop with customers. Was honestly surprised how much I liked it for day today use. And since it was so cost effective I’m not as worried with it as say my iPad… haven’t tried it for gaming which most likely won’t but hey who knows… No idea how high the Sd card goes up to because it isn’t talked about in the basic manual. So glad I found this video. ?

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    I have the Onn 10" tablet and according to CPU-Z mine has a ARM Cortex-A53 1.30 GHz (4 cores) processor /W a Mali-T720 GPU even though the Hardware states MT8163. Hmmmm interesting.

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    Why would anyone buy an Amazon tablet? They're loaded with ridiculous amounts of bloatware and spyware. Most exasperating thing I've ever used.

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    I've bought this trash thanks to your review, ETA (I don't know if walmart sponsored you or not). After 2 days of lags and shitty display I returned it, bought Fire HD 10 for $100, installed LinageOS from XDA (thanks god someone made stable version from 1st of Aug) and I am much happier now. Don't waste $80 on this garbage guys if you want to save your eyes. I appreciate ETA's hardwork and always pay attention of what he recommends, but this video should have been more objective.

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    This tablet is crap. Had one that ill be returning today. The cancerous plastic smell, i can deal with. The fact it gets absurdly hot, i can deal with. The black screen that now prevents me from doing absolutely anything, that i don't think theres much i can do with that.

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    Anyone else having issues formatting SD card to internal Storage? It will format as file/media but not as internal

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    Bought one today based on your review, sorry to say I have not seen a slower tablet in the last ten years, internet performance at both 2.4 and 5 ghz was the slowest I have seen since dialup, it definitely has problems with graphics as al web pages even with light graphics choked, Youtube videos showed 360 but were heavily washed out, turn up to 720 and video stuttered badly.
    Touch screen was awful, again serious lag while trying to simply move icon around the would jump all over the screen plus the factory screen protector had air bubbles under it, overall it goes back, typical Walmart product, likely take three before you find one that might work IF you have time to waste, never again.
    I suspect if you got this from the manufacturer or their P.R. Rep that yours was a prepped or pool sample.

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    A good realistic review….FINALLY someone that actually knows what their talking about, thanks.
    Two things I always look fo right off is screen bleed and would have been nice to see the online performance difference between 2.4 and 5 ghz but otherwise thanks!

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    I don't think th can play pubg in 2gb ram you need at least 4gb ram
    Also you guys manufacture large tablets with less ram
    Even phones come with 4gb to 6gb ram but tablets with 1gb ram upto maximum 2gb ram than what's the use of buying tablets
    Bloody tablet manufacturer
    And why would I play pubg in less resolution in tablet than what's the use of buying tablet

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    I have to disagree with you on the Amazon fire tablets. I absolutely hate the Amazon customized version of Android called fire OS. It's an older, much older distro of Android, and it's very lockdown to Amazon's crap ecosystem. Very little customization can be done without totally rooting the tablet. And virtually breaking fire OS. Anything close to pure Android has to be better!

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    I went and got 1 of these today off your review! Great stuff! I only wanted it for retro games, so its absolutely perfect! Many thanks!

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    Picked this up this week. Will be returning it tomorrow. It can not handle youtube and the netflix app does not work right.

    The menu at the bottom of the netflix app is covered by the tablets home buttons. In both portrait and landscape.

    This thing is pretty much crap.

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