3 ways to turn on safe mode for Samsung phones

Safe Mode is a feature included in Android that allows you to diagnose whether your phone has a major problem or if you have downloaded an application that is causing the problem. This video will walk you through the steps you need to take to enable Safe Mode in several ways and how to use it.

Fix an app that has problems:

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    I installed a cleaner app and now my phone is almost completely frozen I cant even open settings, when I try to power down it flashing the 3 button and wont let me turn it off.

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    How to turn off safe mode from Galaxy tab S2, I have restarted and also factory reset but still safe mode is on can u tell me any other way…

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    Good day, my phone Samsung Galaxy j5 switched safe mode automatically and now I can't remove it, I tried most of youtube video about removing safe mode but no luck. Can you pls help

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    hey man tight video def subscribed…ah i had an iphoen six switched to note 9 smart switch to transfer everything over and i had/have a lot of stupid apps over the years only had apple up until now….but yeah i have like two pages of greyed third party apps and just ah wondering what you do in safe mode once there to make sure you clear and clean out junk…vid on that would be cool…wondering is going into safte mode and out suppose to help itself? appreciate you time and for keeping simple and to the point.

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    every time my phone shut down or switch off, if i turn it on its always shows the terms and cond condition. and after that my apps keeps on stopping. what to do with these

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    Bret, Im having problem with up voulme. Do I need to load a song to test it in safe mode? When I increase my volume and stop, the phone will then icrease the volume on its own.

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    hi! can u tell me how to turn off save mode but i forgot my password "your phone was restarted and needs to be unlocked using your password. you can use your fingerprints next time you can unlock your phone" helpp mee plssss

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    Hey man, I have note 9 and can no longer hit 100% optimisation. Ut wants me to turn on devise security which is McAfee. Is that normal now with the newest update and should I turn it on or will that slow the phone down?

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    Iusually download two or three new apps at a time….and see how they run so at least i know which ones can be the trouble makers lol but it could be one of the old ones that was updated….had a problm like that today. Hopefully they'll fix it. Good thing to know

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    Good Morning Brett ? πŸ™‚
    At the beginning, I would swear you said, "ALL ANDROID PHONES", which was Music to my ears ❗
    However, by the time the video was over, I heard, "All Samsung Phones"!
    May I ask, which quote was accurate ?
    Thank You ?,
    and have a Fun Saturday Brett ?.

    And, maybe a ? for your namesake, Justice, Brett Kavanaugh ??.
    Sincerely, JaneLee ^_^
    10:30 AM

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