5 best movies and TV shows apps for 2020 on FIRESTICK ANDROID! GOOGLE, SAMSUNG, AMAZON DEVICES

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    Hello Everyone, you can get the latest version of each of these apps in my Filelinked store. My code is 51829986
    ✔If you need help getting the Filelinked app, check out my BRAND NEW easy to follow 6 minute video, click link: https://youtu.be/YqCfHOR4XRI

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    I really like cyberflix but the only problem is that it takes forever to load servers; And you have to pay for real-dbrid. Thats why cinemahd is #1.

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    Good info, friend! Just subbed. Thanks, Happy New Year! I am only interested in apps that support Debrid. Are all of these RD capable?

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    Very good video. I got my sister subscribed. Keep them coming, lol. Thanks also for keeping us updated with these apks.

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    Any idea what has happened to TVZION ???
    It worked great when I first started using it, now it's awful !!!I have seen some sort of 'patch' for it.
    I hope they get it sorted, I like TVZION.

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    Thank u stream and tech for these wonderful apps going download these now looking forward see what other apps you have in store for us keep it lit ☺️

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    VivaTv knock out BeeTV and Cinema HD from the top spot Bee and Cinema hardly have 1080p-with Viva everything 1080 and much better layout that all the above

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    Mr S&T E X C L L E N T
    I was hoping you would do and you did… Have you been experiencing buffering in the last minute or so in Cyberflix using real debrid? Annoying for sure.

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    Hello friend , Hope your Christmas was filled with much Love and Many Blessings ??
    Thank you for some awesome apps ??
    Stay Safe & Well Always ??♥️

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    I use cyberflix and tv zion myself…I have heard that some people are getting in trouble from typhoon app because they use torrents..has anyone heard of this..is this true?

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    Thank you S & TN for all the help you gave to us in 2019. Hope your Christmas was good and your 2020 is a great year.

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    Great vid! I would have Cyberflix & Zion tied for 1st place! Zion TV with ZionClub, RD & Premiumize, Cyberflix VIP with RD will cover anything you need! Happy New Year S&TN!

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    Hi there, is there a new update for cyberflix? I opened the app and it asked to update to 3 2.1 but there is no mention on their website. Thanks in advance and happy New Year!

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    Kodi is still, in my opinion, one of the greatest all-in-one apps to this day, especially with Xanax build.If you know how to configure Kodi and its addons,especially configure that Advancedsettings.xml file to have 0 buffering streaming 4k, and also have Real-Debrid, you can find everything that you ever wanted from those apps shown in top 5: lots of links (you can even find 100+ links with RD, but they are kinda hit and miss, but you are almost guaranteed that one of them will work), 1080p, 720p links, with Seren addon even 60+ gb 4k movies, free IPTV and sports streams.
    But yeah, if you want a click and play experience, just use Morphix or Cyberflix with auto-play option.I personally also use Typhoon and Cyberflix with RD because they are a lit faster, but less reliable than Kodi.

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    I love how you make it easy to follow for us non techies, older people. How can I get notifications of new episodes as got from showbox? My All4 doesn't always play how do I fix it? Happy 2020

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    I use unlockmytv,cyberflix,typhoon & bee. Really really like typhoon. Great video. Great filelinked store also. Hope you do a video for best live tv apks. Thanks for all you do!

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    A very good video I like all these apps but my go-to apps are TVZION and CyberFlix thank you for sharing I hope you have a great weekend.????❄☔?

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