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    Every single one of these are viruses do not click on them do not click on allow it will allow him to have everything in your phone including credit card information you looking through your job cameras hey buddy you better hope I don't get you email account cuz if I do you're in trouble I'm not even going to report this I'd like you to respond to this if you don't I'm going to fry your computer I'm going to find you I'm going to find out who you are I'm going to find out your phone number and I'm going to watch your f**** camera your c******** for put doing this why don't you f**** take your phone call gay hotline and talk the f**** all day like you are you are scum of the earth dude there's no way that you could ever hack me in no way shape or goddamn form iPhones encrypted to the point almost like f**** pentagon encryption once again no one click on any of these links do not click allow do not click deny if you click either of them you will have all of your information matter fact I will notify YouTube you better message me dude because I got you I'm going to start 8 in the morning right now which is 8 a. M. Cuz your a f**** idiot by 10 a. M. If I don't have a f**** answer I'm going to hack the s*** out of you I'm going to hack your family anybody that has any money I want to take all the money out of your bank account you're going to go f**** bankrupt everything lose their your house everything everything this is all legit this is a dream disclaimer this is for educational purposes the whole hacking I won't hacking but he deserves it 😉 wink you going down by bud

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