5 great new games running Android and iOS: September 2016!

Top 5 of the best Android and ios games for September 2016
These are the top 5 games you should try on your new phone.

What's new, lovers, we will end in September with the second part of the Android and ios wonderful games that appeared in September 2016!

part One:

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    Legacy of discord is tricking us…as you can see in the first watch u can see the man can fly but that feature did not exist

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    How do you entertain people by putting a huge stupid green box that says: "Top 5 Amazing Upcoming RPG Games 2017…" in the middle of the video? Yeah… that's quite entertaining. Of course i can turn it off… but I don't see the reason to have that there at all.

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    Legacy of Discord looks like a cool game with an open world with wings and shit but it's a dungeon crawler garbage game it's noting like that

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    in legacy of discord, (im level 37) i have like 4 wings, at what stage do i get to fly? also the legacy of discord i have is furious wings :L are they two different games?? cause the ad on fb said furious wings, and had footage of flying :L which is the link i clicked on, which took me to google play store directly to the game, well, im level 37, and have no had a chance to fly :L is it further in the game? or is it false advertising?? anyone know?? :/

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    The World of Magic in my opinion is one of the most fun MMORPG games I've played on my phone…. everyone go check my channel out I started to make videos about TWOM go support and learn more about the game. Thank you 💯✔

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    I've had the legendary discord one and I don't know how to fly all I did was battle and the reason I got it before was to fly and if you could tell me how that would be amazing

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