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    Just want to k when ur note 10 reviews coming out?….not alot have used the note 10 for soo long as u have so would be nice to see a long term review of the device. When I mean note 10 I mean the note 10 not the plus

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    I too tried a bunch before settling on TickTick. It's equally capable as todoist and has pomodore timer and habit tracker etc… You should check that out. It's a worthy app, a little expensive but the free version is good enough for me right now.

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    But, you excluded the 2 big names in the league. Well, yeah ofc their apps are selling just because of those names. ✌️?

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    I dont know whats special in todoist. Its interface is not very convenient for me. Have installed and tried many times and deleted.
    I loved WUNDERLIST as daily driver but Microsoft destroyed it.
    Someone recently recommended TickTick and i m just loving it. Interface is amazing, night and dark moods are great, dark mode in widgets makes it classical and Calendar Widget in dark mode is the reason i bought its premium. Its so easy to plan and c ur month on home screen with a beaitifull interactive dark mode widget.

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