A95X F3 Full Android TV Box – S905X3 – 4GB + 64GB – Under $ 50 – is it good?

A95X F3 Full Android TV Box – S905X3 – 4GB + 64GB – Under $ 50 – is it good?
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# A95XF3 # S905X3

Today I got my hands on the latest A95X F3. This is a new TV box with a new CPU that supports 8K resolution.

CPU: S905X3 quad core
GPU: Mali G31
64 GB …


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    Hi I have the A95X F3 air model. I cannot access the background running apps and select which one to close. Tried with remote pressing III button, but some test for the box appears which the tv box fails. Alt+tab+down also shows a black screen. I know there is clear memory app as seen in the video, but that closes all apps. Also how to remove this test when pressing lII button from stock remote control? Thanks in advance!

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    Hi where can I buy this version of the a95x f3 4gb ram, 64gb storage? I checked on Amazon it was selling for £55! Only the 2gb ram, 16gb version was £35.

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    There are Beelink GT1 models with S905X3 though price is abig higher than 50$. I wonder if A95X supports air mouse.

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    Gigabit lan ports are nice to have but it isn't necessary since you only need to stream a maximum of 25 mbs for 4k video. One day it will be mandatory when you get to 8k and beyond.

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    Hi chigz been a while pal,I'm thinking of buying one of these,but you hadn't done a review and I only trust a couple ppl u being one of the two,so delighted to see you uploading this rn,is the 100 lan a big negative or if mainly streaming 1080p is it sufficient?
    If so what would we actually need gigabit for on such a device,ty chigz.

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    Thanks for another great tv box review Chigz and for a country like ours with internet is not yet that fast I think this box has no flaws for now I am so glad that there are more Pros than minor cons here in the f3 overall a great box I also love their boot animation and the option to change the colors of the lights on top of the box.

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    Waiting for this! On store this box comes with blue color like the review and another one with gray. Anyone knows the difference?

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