Absolutely shiny challenge! December Society Day Pokemon GO

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Another lucky day in Pokémon GO, but with a touch! For every shiny I must face a new challenge! And if anyone holds onto their shine, they do not want to try dungilverol, which is a salty Swedish sweet! Did you find your condition ….


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    I got 5 shinies during cd hours …and afterwards i got a wild scyther off of my mossy lure i had set during cday lol and then i ended the night with a shiny eevee

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    mudkip was hiding really well. took me over 100 checks to find a shiny even during boosted hours but then I got 5 so I'm good with that, to bad they were all trash IV's

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    Agree. Egg hatching kinda stunk, should really start listening to Trainer Tips on that one… otherwise, fun event, especially since I was missing shiny Totodile and shiny Mudkip

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    I got 21 shiny on day one! 7 Slakoth, 3 Bagon, 2 Trapinch, 3 Torchic, 2 Swinub, 1 Totodile, 1 Shuppet, 1 Megnemite, 1 Roselia. I really wanted a Charmander, Dratini and Treecko, so hopefully I'll get them today for day 2!!

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