Age of Empires Emphasize the World (iOS / Android) Gameplay HD

The Age of Empires is World Domination by KLab Global Pte. Ltd Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad Gameplay Trailer. HD video from the Age of Empires game global domination.

Age of Empires' favorite real-time strategy series with over 20 million copies worldwide can now be run on your smartphone. Master the world in this next generation mobile real-time strategy game!

Engage in real time ….


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    they botched Age of Empires a-gain and made it require an internet connection. on the bright side, since this is no longer available to download, it will be like it never existed.
    please just go back to basics with offline campaign and online multiplayer options. an app version should have a foundation/gameplay that doesn't constantly change and the inevitable in-app purchases should just be maps. adding different units or factions ruins the structure of the app with infinite required updates, bugs, and imbalances, which will just lead to another forgettable digital AoE remnant.

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    why can't they just introduce the basic age of empires that we had for PC around the year 1999, that was good.
    This all is just looking modern but gameplay is boring and uninteresting

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    Essa empresa não sabe o quanto poderia ter ganho liberando o jogo pra nois ou pelo um servidor norte americano já estaria mais ou menos de boa .. super decepcionante isso ???

  4. k


    I was very disappointed when I first tried to play this, but unfortunately that was my fault for not putting much research into what i thought would be an at least decent game. Wish they had a brand new, actual age of empire game, or at the very least a port of aoe 2. I just bought Rollercoast Tycoon Classic on android, and grant it i haven't played the original for many years, but off bat it seems like an exact port. With that, there should be absolutely no reason why we couldn't have a proper port of any aoe game

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    Wow this just looks like your standard garbage stock mobile game and there's that horrendous gem button included in every other "freeee" mobile game.

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