AirAttack 2 level. 1-8 (depending on art in games) – iOS / Android – video playing

Sequel of Award-winning top-down air combat games with stunning 3D graphics and stunning orchestral soundtrack.
Enjoy the classic atmosphere of WW2 arcade-shoot-em-ups in modern presentation.
Prepare your plane, upgrade your pilot and destroy the evil axis with flame thrower, Gunner's tail, grenades, …
Show no mercy to your friends in daily or weekly challenges!

* 22 …


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    alright, here are the level songs:
    lvl 1: secret agent 5
    lvl 2 chase: intense thrill 4
    lvl 2 main: as long as we breathe
    lvl 3: treasure hunter 5
    lvl 4 phase 1: Giants Loom
    lvl 4 phase 2: intense thrill 2
    lvl 5: weapons of impact 5
    lvl 5: boat chase: treasure hunter 2
    lvl 6: super hero 2
    lvl 7: as long as we breathe
    lvl 8: sea adventures 5
    all of which are composed by johannes bornlöf (with the exception of lvl 2, 4.1 and 7)

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