AirDroid v1.0.5 – Manage your Android wirelessly from your favorite browser

** Free download from Android Market **

AirDroid is a fast, free app that allows you to wirelessly manage and control your Android device from Over-The-Air web browser.
Enjoy the features below after installation from the comfort of your favorite web browser on a Windows / Mac / Linux computer or other devices

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    Ya lo hice pero con el celular d mi marido. El problema q en su sony z2 no encontre la patrte d ocultar aplicacion lo puedo aser desde. La pagina airdroid directamente…antes q se de cuenta

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    Does it make a direct connection between phone and the browser through network? Or the data first goes to AirDroid Server and then to the phone?

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    Using for first time today. My laptop and nexus 7 see each other but when I drag files to transfer I get "browser not compatible". I'm using latest chrome and android.

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    can i play my android games on my PC with this? And no i dont want to use bluestacks. I have a gameboy emulator on my phone and wanted to play it on my pc using my phone as the controller. Only reason why i dont just get an emulator on my pc is cuz i want to continue my saved games on my phone. So is it possible?

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    Wow was my first reaction when launching this application. It is so easy and fun to send texts from my phone using my computer. No more picking up the phone while sitting by the computer. This app soared to my number one place of favorite android apps.

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    dude iphone are so lame… when are people gonna wake up.. when android developers have the flexibility to do practically anything they want…. peep this bro…. snaptext in google play

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    Airdroid devs you should all go work for Samsung and make there kies like Airdroid.
    I am an Airdroid addict xD
    Nothing beats Airdroid….

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    all that ''please remove the hardware safely'' stuff is there just so you won't pull let's say your USB hard drive when you are for instance transferring files to it. If you know when you are not transferring data to your USB memory sticks and other stuff you can ignore the whole thing.
    Now I will answer your question 🙂 There's no way to ''safely remove'' your device from Airdroid because there's no need for it.

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    Well I'm sure you can…since I was able to connect my Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300B into my notebook with windows 8 os using AirDroid, and I guess AirDroid supports browsers like gchrome, firefox, opera and other browsers, this app really is great. Well so much for Android USB drivers…

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    yes its an android and the app uses the web browser so predyy much anything with web browser support, even use another android to control an android.. lol

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    you just need this app, no need to download this app on your computer just type the link in your Ulr browser

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    Wow.. just found thee.. no matter the experience in my tests of your app trying now.. this was a very well produced video.. right up their with #GoogleEmpire's own video fare! #kudos indeed!

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