Amlogic Personalization Tool: A Brief Introduction to Android IMG Firmware Edit

Customizing IMlogic files is easy with the Amlogic customization tool. We can greatly change all aspects of the Android firmware using this tool. In this video, I will give you a brief introduction to Amlogic android TV box firmware modification.

I'll show you how you can change boot logos and animations on Amlogic firmware up to Marshmallow.

Loading Amlogic …


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    Hey good video, I want to try this usb burner tool with an older box as I have before with a newer box and worked fine, the problem is thow I cannot find the IMG file firmware anywhere for the Matricom gbox midnight mx2 box. It's almost like it doesn't exist or has been wiped off the internet, if anyone knows I'd greatly apriciate it.

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    I have some custom android boxes made from china all of my boxes needs a code to unlock them. China gave me the wrong spec for my boxes I didn't pay them the rest of the money do to having the wrong spec so they locked my boxes and kept my money. Can you help me or know someone that can unlock my boxes? Email me at I can give you the spec. Thanks!

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    Linux does nougat well, just need to know how to convert sparse to ext4 and extract. then repack and create the sparse again.

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