TWRP for S802 Amlogic TV Box & # 39; s – you'll find TWRP for many funds with Amlogic processors including S802 SOC

Please see the other TWRP manual for more Amlogic SOC

If TWRP fails to boot up, make sure you're using the correct file or try another one.

Abdul Abdul TWRP builds –

All the credit goes to Abd, …


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    Btrd. amigo. Modelo MX9 4K placa R329Q V_3.1 2018.04.25. Fiz como no seu video, instalei entrei modo reset, abre a tela do recovery e aguardo um tempo, aplico ponteiro mouse na seta Swipe to Allow Modifications-> abre tela install, Backup etc-> clico em Backup abre a tela, mas no quadro a esquerda e direita da tela ¨Select Partitions to Backup¨ NÃO APARECE NADA pra eu marcar e seguir os procedimentos. Pode me ajudar, por favor? Obrigado

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    thanks for great uploads, anyways i restored a box to kitkat but when i try update it to next android version on reboot it stays on bluelight blank screen, whats best think to do? is linux better ? thanks

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    Hello I need your help I was updating my MXQ S805 file with Abduls KI-Lollipop-20160908, Now my box stock on FREAKTAB.COM. I can get into TWRP file I try to restore file I recover from my other MXQ box and MXQ PRO S905.When I go to RESTORE does not show any files from my SD card, what type of files has to be to show Please help me on this Thank you.

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