Android 10 on Asus ROG Phone 2 Tencent Edition

Please confirm the latest firmware before updating. (1910.64)
You should also be aware that this is a test update, so expect errors.

Download the file below and save it to your internal storage. Then, rename the file to:


Android 10


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    i have rog2 tencent.. and i have 1910.35 firmware.. can i flash new update? btw my device is not rooted..

  2. L W


    Are there any changes in Always On Display? How many clocks are available? Are notifications available from other applications or just the number of missed calls and text messages?

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    Kuya mas maganda po ba ung global version na bilin ko compared sa tencent version? 1-2k difference ata sa price

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    Can you please make a video about the themes, like dark mode in the "classic" theme, notifications panel appearance, force dark mode, all new features and stuff? Thank you, and I really appreciate your work bobby.

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    Thanks for the video. Any idea if I root the phone can I do the manual updates or do I lose updates doing that altogether foreveR?

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    First off all thanks sir, after follow your guide in the prev video my tencent already on full globl ver.. hopefully you can make another video to downgrade android 10 to android 9..

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    Boss ask ko lang kung nagkaroon ng gestures na mawwala ung pindutan na back at home. Magiging swipe gestures lang same ng oneplus 7t android 10

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