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    I have a question on startup of the sdk i get warnings "The import android.support.v7.app.ActionBar is never used" and "The import android.os.Build is never used" and it does not let me write in the main activity but only on a fragmenrt

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    I keep getting an error saying my eclipse adt plugin is out of date at the end of creating my project.
    It says I dont have android support library installed/updated but I do. I tried restarting eclipse and uninstalling but i Keep getting it. If anyone could help that'd be great!!!! thanks.

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    Thanks! That's exactly why I decided to start making these. I was frustrated myself with the lack of current free resources for learning. I'll continue to update them once Android Studio is released so that they are current still.

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    You are my programming Guru thank you sincerely Levelup Tuts!!
    I learned Java/C++
    C++ for Qt, and python from another channel the new boston by this guy Greg Roberts, great teacher but for Android he let his friend Travis cover the tutorials and this guys makes everything extremely complex, he often has problems that he has to go back and fix in the middle of the tutorial, I love the difference keep up the good work!!!!!!

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    Hey LevelUpTuts could you tell me which version of Linux to install? 32bit or 64bit? I heard some people have problems on a 64bit linux distro using the android sdk. Is this true and what do you guys use?

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    Props. Yeah.. I remember my internal dialog on this at the time was like "move on from the icon!". We're going to make new ones in Photoshop later anyways. Ugh!

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    i tryed it and it didn't did it for me
    i will keep trying
    ty anyway
    and i will keep seening your videos
    btw can you show how to make a clock app?

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