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    Crap doesn't work DO NOT DOWNLOAD it makes u download something to your phone then when u try to open it it says something about it not opening sooooo u download it for nothing probably to get a virus on your phone

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    You pick a new character by pressing on the one you are right now and pressing the reverse bottom on the top and then press the character you want to be and press that reverse bottom on that character hoped this helped and hoped I helped

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    You didn't even tell us how to do it all you showed us was you doing your task horrible video BOO BOO BOO BOO
    ?????? sorry I'm in a bad mood forgive me I'm so sorry
    I hope you forgive me sorry again??????

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    U sound like a surfer boy or either like ur stoned……why are u making a video talking about "i dont know how to do this"???

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    guy when you download the file pop it in your phone in device then remove the plug and go to files find the hack and done
    plus you should not have Sims installed

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