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    i followed all your steps from video 1 uptill i made it but when second time i performed i got stuck on (starting reverse handler on ****************) after starting msfconsole
    plz help me plz

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    Nobody is so stupid to leave the app on his phone after seeing that this app is not running at all. And where is this app to the people to the DL offer? With google play will probably not go or?

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    Can we purchase a server on web with a dedicated public ip and use msfconsole? I am behind a Carrier Grade NAT network so i dont have a dedicated public ip. I am behind my ISP's router so all the incoming ports are off……….Will this work if i purchase a webserver in cloud and enter that ip in my payload…if i do this i can i then send commands from my local msfconsole to my webserver which then forwards it to target machine? Will this setup work out?

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    while using the webcamera snaps ……the front camera doesnt work it automatically snaps picture using back camera ….so can you provide a solution ?

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    The .apk file stays only when you don't open the file. Though when I do press it, the .apk file disappears for whatever reason. Also, does it matter if I use a VM (Virtualbox) as my IP is not 192… But it starts with 10 instead.

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    Hi again don … I have a case here , I used HTA method in SET tool kit to attack android phone , I set up the payload to :android/meterpreter/reverse_http & also https …IN both paylodas the handler shows this message :
    [*] handling request from xx.xxx.xxx.xx; (UUID: 9lbgjrw4) Unknown request to with UA 'Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 5.1.1; SAMSUNG SM-J200H Build/LMY48B) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) SamsungBrowser/3.5 Chrome/38.0.2125.102 Mobile Safari/537.36'
    and no meterpreter sessions started .. what is wrong ?

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    Had no luck with reverse tcp or reverse http. Reverse tcp just dies and reverse http says some shit about vuln_test

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