Android Ruuning On Beelink Z83 ii Mini WIndows 10 PC

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So I installed Android X86 6.0.1 on my Windows 10 mini Beelink z83 ii which works fine.

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Model: Z83II
Type: mini computer
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 400
System: Windows 10
CPU: Intel Atom X5-Z8350
Core: Quad Core
ROM: 32G

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    could you installl "HW info app " on android on z83II and share what exact chip model is used as emmc internal storage ? thanxs iam tring compare between z83II and bt3II to buy the best for me

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    Great review. Maybe tryout Remix OS, you'll probably get all your devices recognised, BT, WiFi etc. Remix is similar to what your using, a port or Android, but it seems a lot more usable for Android on X86 CPUs. You can even dual boot Remix with your Win 10 install.

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    hi ETA. hope u can help. I'm new to the emulation scene and have been loving my pi 3. I'm thinking about getting a cheap mini PC (sub £200). I would love to run dophin, gamecube to be exact. is there anything you would recommend? also I should say, thanks so much for all of the videos you posted I have learned so much and appreciate the time you must have spent just to help us newcomers.?

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    I've been looking for a unit that i can take on the go that will play both counter strike and combat arms (even if it is only low resolution) for a while. Can you test your different platforms to see if any are up to the task?

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    Now we are talking! Some Z83ii action. I am getting Launchbox all setup on mine. Gamecube actually runs decently so far. I MAY be getting the Voyo V1 next to compare but this Z83ii for $85 is amazing.

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