Android System Recovery – Hard Disk Reset – S2110, A2109 – Lenovo IdeaTab (Tablet)

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If IdeaTab encounters a problem and you are unable to see the Home screen when turned on, you can still reset the tablet to make it work again.
This video shows how to make System Recovery – Hard Reset on Lenovo IdeaTab (Tablet) S2110A, A2109A:

The battery must be fully charged
All your data will be …


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    there might be the other way to open recovery mode, press POWER button and when you see logo Lenovo pull down POWER button, quickly press and hold VOLUME + and – , on my pad A2109a-f just right that.

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    tryid to reboot in recovery mode but i don't get that menu for it , i get a diverent one…
    where is written"reboot debug test. clear EMM (OR SOMTING LIKE THAT )" so i did that and WOLA…. now set to factgory en i got the new fresh language messega en now working ,but,,,, if i update the dam thing it downloads the file (133mb) reboots. en should go on in the recorey mode but only a brief moment i saw this andrioid puppet en rebooted after that and resolted en the same 4.4.2 kitkat version xxx207 row so CAN'T UPDATE….WHY ???

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    This does not work, and I can find nothing to fix the problem anywhere on Lenovo's support site. The tablet refuses to reboot and is frozen at the Lenovo logo. Time to buy a new tablet, but NOT Lenovo.

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    My problem is that I did exactly as requested, but it never gives me the set language message.  It keeps defaulting back to the reboot screen.  What can I do?

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    I completed the procedures for my Lenovo IdeaTab A2109A, but it would not boot past the "lenovo" logo screen…

    After a search of the internet for information, I found suggestions to download ""…and to install it. I saved it to a microSD card, and installed it from there.

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    hello, i have the S2109a tablet and i have to press both volume buttons and the power button, then appears the android logo, next i press the + button. After that, i can access to the recovery menu. 😉

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