Android tablets for beginners – Direct at Park Ridge Library (6-18-2013)

FireLogic hosted a free lesson for Android Tablet for Beginners at the Park Ridge Library on June 18, 2013. The session was offered by FireLogic trainers Derrick Wlodarz and Wesley Howard and a special guest from the Ted Tabaka Contemporary Art Museum.

Topics covered during this chapter included:

* Do I have to get a tablet?
* What tablet features should I look for?
* Why do we recommend Nexus …


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    One of the best demonstrations I've ever seen on YouTube.

    You cover the many details and decision choice conflicts essential in the understanding that accompanies most any consideration of hardware or software in the inherently verbose world of the computer.  The chart board solidifies the prioritized and sharpened contrasting commentary to rapidly make clear for the viewer if a tablet is for them or not.

    But most of all, and a very rare quality, your impassioned enthusiasm alone would keep even the totally ignorant interested.  For this, it's a sharing of liberation unlike an infomercial looking to make a buck.

    Thus, in 22 minutes I knew with 98% certainty that the tablet idea is NOT something that would work for me.  To that conclusion I defer to my 27 years of PC use from DOS to Vista, from WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3 to Office and AutoCAD Lite.  This has been an evolution unlike any that preceded it where the rate of obsolescence could be as short as 6 months!  It's just that the computer offered a promise to me as a marvel to produce abstract product. I've preferred the empowerment to the entertainment.  Of course then before the Internet we didn't have YouTube.  We would have to sign up for and commute to a course.  The books ran 500 – 700 pages an app!  Still, I'm glad I didn't wait!

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    God nearly 9 minutes before he go going. Worse than being back at school!!!! So boring I switched off. I'll look for something else that hopefully doesnt like the sound of his or her own voice.

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