[Anti-Ban] Download YoWhatsApp latest version 8.12 for Android 2019

YoWhatsApp is an app that helps users install dual WhatsApp on their phone.

Download YoWhatsApp here –

If you are a user who loves to personalize and get bored from the same WhatsApp user interface, today we have something that helps you a lot.

The app name is YoWhatsApp which helps users to customize their WhatsApp. If they are ….


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    Is it possible to install YoWA beside original WhatsApp on phone and use both with different numbers? It do they disturb each other? Can you do voice and video call with YoWA to someone with original WA? Is it possible to change icon color to have another color than original WA? Can WA still ban you from using the service? Can you save YoWA data on the same Google account like the original WA data and it does not disturb the other data? Thanks!

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    Bom dia , estou tendo problema no meu yowhatsapp com erro ao enviar mensagens, já é a 4ª ou 5ª vez que reinstalo fazendo backup ou do zero e passo por esse problema, fico usando normal, quando da 1 ou 2 dias recebo as mensagens normalmente, baixo vídeos e fotos, vejo os status, porém não consigo enviar mensagens de nenhum jeito? Alguma solução?

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