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    The basic thing is you get 1 point per dollar spent on ANYTHING you buy on Google(its not a Kabam thing) and google allows you to redeem points for smaller units packages(you can get the $5 and $10 packages for points, you cant get the expensive packs). You can also just trade the points for google credit. The best part so far is they occasionally give point boosts(ie during Black friday you got 3x points so I got 900 points which is enough for about 15$ worth of units). For MCOC it also has a 10x PHC bundle for 1k points. Since joining before BF I've earned about 1500 free units.

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    I'm 1 of the lucky few I have both an android phone & an apple I pad, I avoid using android for purchases because, here in ga USA anyway, Google charges tax and apple does not so when u buy a $10 google play giftcards and try to purchase a 9.99 unit deal, guess what u don't have enough money cause they charge 7% tax, so u end up being short .69 cents on that $9.99 purchase, and it sucks and it will piss u off to no end when u forget about that stupid little piece of info

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    Android still has loads more disadvantages in this game. The programmers can't get it right. I have both and android programming for this game has significant quality differences. Getting a small bump from play store based on dollars spent is a small difference.

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    1 major issue with this line of thinking. To my knowledge (in the US at least) Apple doesnt charge tax on app purchases where Google does. So Google getting less than 1% back in value vs not paying taxes which are about 6.5% they are still losing out massively

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    Hello, It is IMPORTANT to say that it depends where you live, so the title should say "USA android users… " or "Great Britain Android users…" or the user's nationality that has the benefit, in my country as many others it doesn't matter if you are Android or Apple user, we don't have any "points, coupons or money benefits".

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    Thanks for the video Prof. Kabam just closed the forum discussion saying "This also isn't something to really discuss on the forums." Huh? Why not?

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    With some work you can buy an Android phone for £50 with MCOC installed and spend your $$$ on the Play Store to get cheaper unit costs and the rewards points too.

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    In the uk theres the points for surveys thing, but think about this, your doing something you dont want to to earn cash to avoid grinding the game your supposed to enjoy. Time is money.
    If you want this you have to download the rewards app.

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    I am gonna be getting about 2,500 units from my Black Friday purchases. I had 7 points per $ spend on my Google account. (I have MCOC on both my Android and iPhone so I get the best of both worlds) I buy stuff on Android and do content on there when it's advantageous but otherwise I play on iOS as it's so much cheaper to complete content with the improved performance.

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    Yay.. another rewards program that isn't available except in the US and a select few countries.. Marvel Insider and this and even gift cards aren't available here.. Bruh.

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    Lol people are barely learning about this or what? This has been a thing.
    You can't even get much until you spend alot so it's really not a advantage.
    P.S. Iphones suck ?

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    It's true that this is a Google service and is not exclusive to mcoc, I play other games where I also get points for every dollar I spend per in game offer and or music, audiobooks and movies. They probably figure it would help drum up more interest in any and all online purchases through Google and I don't mind it. It's akin to certain banks that offer a percentage cashback on purchases like groceries and gas. I know some people will argue about an unfair treatment or advantage but considering the fact that we've also seen countless iOS exclusive offers, there is a valid argument that this is something that can be beneficial to any Android based mcoc player. Akin to an exploit but not really since they're merely just offering you a chance to redeem the credit for every dollar you spend find in-game purchases such as unit packs or for completely other services such as ebooks, music and other games. At the end of the day while I can understand some people feeling that they're being denied the same opportunities, we will also long-established that when it comes to the strategies regarding iOS and Google, they're not going to be on the same page and its history has shown that they've not always been on the same page.

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    Its an offer from google not kabam and its not an advantage. It doesnt make the game any easier or a player any better. Focus on something that actually matters and interferes with gameplay. Ppl have too much free time nowadays

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