Ark Survive Mobile! (IOS / Android) first play review! [Nickatnyte]

Ark Survive Mobile just dropped! It is out now for countries that have been selected on iOS and Android system soon worldwide! This game is a blast on the computer, so let's see how we can do it on mobile! Enjoy video recording more
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    Well, I've got to say, I didn't expect much from Ark on a phone but it's surprisingly good. I think the controls would drive me nuts but as far as games for the phone go this looks alright. I just started palying Ark on the Xbox One S, it's an amazing game!

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    I'm guesing since you've played on pc u know hoe to play the game just follow the tutorial its pretty easy and weight health and melee should be first

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    Getting it right now for my Galaxy s9+. Played on PC a while, I'm definitley not expecting pc quality but this is exciting nonetheless.

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    You probably figured this out by yourself but if u use an axe on a rock u get more stone. Doesnt make much sense to me a pickaxe should have that effect

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    Yah, it's the game's fault. Too heavy. My phone starts to boil after 1m of playing. Could cook an egg on it, so I stopped, don't wanna risk shit due to extensive overheating.

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