ATOMIC Pi Android test x86 $ 35 x86 SBC

In this video I have tested Android X86 on the all-new Atomic Pi Single Board PC, I am already running Prime OS in this video, but it's just a different version on Android running on any x86 computer.
I run some standard and tested some original Android games like PUBG and Mincraft plus some N64 emulation. Let's see how it works.

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    which branch of primeos are you using on the atomic pi?
    i'm trying mainline, but it isn't particularly snappy. maybe i should try standard (even though the CPU is not particularly old)
    also, did you use emmc or sdcard? i'm trying sdcard, but the os seems confused (thinks the OS is on the emmc and falsely reports the sdcard is corrupt)?
    i've heard the emmc isn't particularly faster than the sdcard on the atomic pi, so i don't tend to use the emmc.

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    I'm using this board right now and PrimeOS. I think I may be missing something. When I open youtube (or any video app) the video stutters like its skipping 10 frames at a time. It does this whether its at 1080p60 or 144p. I'm wondering if I'm missing a step somewhere? I've all the different android x86 images and builds and they all seem to do the same thing.

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    I would call this small board computer a "Aaeon Kuri Pi" because that is where it came from. This is rebranded corporate bankruptcy auction hardware. The only thing Digital loggers made was the breakout boards. Explaining Computers has a informative video on that.

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    You know what upsets me about the Atomic Pi??? My NUC cost 10X as much and I doubt I'll get 10X the performance 😉 I just ordered one today to gift to a grandchild once it's built.

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    Thanks, you're the best… All I want out of this Atomic Pi right now is a tablet like computer for playing my videos or youtube, and browsing online. Which os would make that easy? easier? possible?????… I loaded the Prime OS on my Atomic Pi and the movies plays fast like 2x. Well, it did that right out of the box. With AIDA64, my Display has the wrong size displayed… Hoping you have time to answer me directly or answer my problem in another video. I'm sure I'm not alone. Thanks for all your videos, I learned a lot from you. And the thing I learned again is that the more I learn the more I know I don't know nothing… You're the best.

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    Hello, I am looking for someone to try to use the image "car pi" with atomic pi, to see how it works well, or use the openauto application for Android, greetings.

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    I think it is sold out on the OEM site as well – but I think there were some on ebay with and without the breakout board shields

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    I'd like to know if it would run something like diablo 3..even diablo 2….Boarderlands..grindy would be cool to make into a Mini laptop if it was capable of running alot of new old classics

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