Atvxperience site version: firmware upgrade for Android TV Box to Amlogic S905W, S905X and S912

This guide is designed to show guys on on their installation page to help users install this firmware.

This tutorial covers installing android atvxperience firmware on Amlogic TV Box. This firmware supports the following Amlogic devices.




The firmware is designed to be installed on many different Amlogic devices but …


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    I installed your firmware, everything works fine, but crashes after a few days, I have a T95Z Plu tv Box, installed the final version for S912 amlogic, also installed the clock patch, what is the problem, cant get to work for more than 12 days at the most?

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    Hello, I have tried the firmware and it seems excellent, but I had a problem with the Wi-Fi on my TV box H96 mini with amlogic s905w, is there any solution?

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    It's about 80% working on my mxq pro 4k s905w I couldn't get the USB burning tool to connect after several attempts so I finally got it with the sd card burner and got it to install that way, I'm sad to see that they are no longer working on this os which means that it's the best it's gonna get which honestly could be much better, but hopefully v3 will be even more amazing and I can't wait to see what they can do with it

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    Would this work with one of those Mecool KS1 Sound Bar or Stridebox Z1 Pro TV Sound Bar hybrid TV boxes? They both run the Amlogic S905X chip. Atvxperience Sound Bar would be epic.

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    I have a H96 MAX X2 TV Box Android 8.1 CPU Soc Amlogic S905X2 , GPU ARM Dvalin MP2, 4GB RAM 32Gb ROM, please considerate for a Test with ur possible ATV Experiencie ROM Comming Soon ¡

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    I recently got an atvXperience Android TV Box 8GB with DStv & Netflix.

    I am using it on a Samsung TV (with only 1 HDMI Port) and a Samsung Surround Sound DVD Player (with only 1 HDMI Output Port).

    The Media box also only has 1 HDMI Output Port but has 1 AV connection.

    How do I connect the media player so I can get sound coming from the surround sound?


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    my x92 3/32gb seems to have turned into a doorstop as it won't stay connected to the internet on ethernet or wi/fi for more than 5mins, will ATV run on this s912 box?

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    Hi guys can you please create download links for Google gdrive download also instead of just mega? i dont have mega premium account and the firmwares are over 1gb which is the limit download size. i would appreciate it.. as i tried to install one version and bricked my device, so now i am trying to download final version which is over 2gb in files and i cannot get it unless i pay premium subscription.. and with google drive link would me much easier…. btw my bricked device is a S905x h234 v.242 MXQ 4K 2G RAM /16GB FLASH

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    Can these rom makers choose some other sites to upload their ROMS instead of Mega which is pretty much useless due to its quota BS. Since its just Android related files, I'm sure Google drive would mind.

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