Audi S3 Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

I collected this video to give a basic overview of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on the Audi S3. Android overview is pretty basic because I'm not familiar with Android compared to Apple. I hope you enjoy any questions please ask in the comments.

Devices used;

Android = HTC 10 with Android OS 7
iOS = Apple iPhone 7 256GB Black OS version 10.3.2

Instagram: drivetravellife.


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    Good job. Obviously since this was recording you may now be aware that coming with ios12 (sept ‘18) Waze and Google maps is coming to CarPlay finally!

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    Terrible review of Android Auto. This guy is clearly an Apple fanboy because AA is 100x better in every way. Google maps is far superior, voice recognition is better, home screen is more functional and usable and you can use Waze if you want to. Carplay is limited Apple maps. Look at other non-biased comparisons on YouTube and they all show AA being superior.

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    I’ve been using an iPhone 7 with my A3 2017 since March 17 and I’ve been very disappointed with the lack of development from Apple. There’s been no improvements to CarPlay and I find it very basic. I hardly ever use Siri and the SMS message dictation is very sketchy.

    However I keep hearing good things about Android Auto and Google Assistant.

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