Automatically enable grayscale mode on Android when the battery is low [How-To]

How to Enable Grayscale Mode to Save Battery Life [AMOLED]
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In this video, I will show you how to set up an application called "Monochrome", which can automatically place grayscale at the GPU level when the battery is low.

Grayscale (or black and white) can be a great battery saver for AMOLED monitors.


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    How about setting a tasker profile to do this toggle for you. It can be based on triggers that are time based or also battery related.

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    Does "simulating" monochrome consumes more battery than normal RGB ? Why I am asking this…I imagine "simulating" something means some extra calculations the CPU/GPU needs to do… that turns into more battery consumption.

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    Pff. All this stupid app does is it turn your settings>develope mode>simulate color space and set it to monochrome.

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