Ax: Alliance vs Empire – English version of NEXON (Android / IOS Gameplay)

Ax: Alliance vs Empire – English version of NEXON (Android / IOS Gameplay)

Greetings, seekers and heroes!
Welcome to the Ax World: Alliance vs Empire, a massive mobile MMORPG!
Choose your nation, Alliance? or Empire?!

Faithful believers of the ancient God who wishes for him to resurrect before those who must hinder his resurrection in order to prevent the great evil that he seals …


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    The mmorpg genre is dead. And it wasn't suicide, but murder. I hope that one day it'll come back. When the greedy good for nothing publishers set their eyes on something else.

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    At my country this game already at pre register phase for months. The hell. No news when will this game launched, not even a clue. They only said 2019, december also count as 2019 lol. BDOM also will be released soon, so i think the publisher should be watch out, because bdom still remain superior for mmorpg genre atm.

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