Battlefront 2 just made 10 big changes without telling us – some are good and some are bad … all star wars!

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Battle 2 -…


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    1-2 hrs of game play a day?
    Fu****g casual lol.

    This is why you don't listen to most youtube gamer advice..

    I bet he spends 6 hrs a day watching other videos so he can copy what they say.

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    lol so sad that you guys from the star wars universe are never ever happy with how things go….ever yall are always like ´I HAVE A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS´ play the game and just be happy its there 😉 learn to appreciate things the way they are not how they can be

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    All I want is first person for reinforcements. Why won't they let us? They are unplayable for me because the awful third person. Can't play Super Battle Droid and aim properly in third person. Dice please….!

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    all i want is to be able to cancel the match making for different eras in the game so I can turn off anything to do with the new films

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    I think they removed the first order jump trooper because they didnt have a model for it at the time. ( There was never a jump trooper or aerial trooper introduced in the movies for either sides) But, once they got a model, they replaced the first order jump trooper with the new first order aerial type.

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    I’m a bit late but I got a question about the icon. You said it changed which it did, but idk if it’s my Xbox or something but for me it’s still old one with iden. I’m confused

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