Beginners dungeon guide (review + play)

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"Beginners guide to dungeons heroes! (Review / gameplay) How to play Dungeon Hunter MOBA heroes!

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Hello all! ExxotikGaming here again with another video games, and this ….


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    Being honest here, this is actually a really cool game. I recorded this video on the 2nd, and I’ve played it a lot off-camera since then. It’s fun!

    Let me know if you want more videos on this game!

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    Unique training method? Almost every mobile rpg does this , at this point of the video i knew that this is just advertising and not a review

    Very short Non-sponsored review – this game does its job it's pretty fun with some cool characters , getting the good stuff without money will take painfully long as usual in "free-to-play" mobile games
    Huge downside which makes this game worse than other games of this type (for me) everything is automatic u cant really control ur characters
    There are games with better gameplay that are cheaper to play , but i like the character sprites tho

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    Advice and I’ll give at I watch first off the Mon you fed at first is not a training Mon it’s a evolution mon you 3* it to make 4*s… there’s 3 different mobs for skill ups evolutions and fast leveling… tutor is for skills training for fast leveling and finally starfuzzlepuffs for evolutions

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    Can you do another video and want you to do I download a pixel Gun video it's a free mobile game where you can play with your friends you can join your friends you can play matches any matches you want so download it now I want to see the video evi can get 100 subscribers so

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    That hero you used for leveling up was supposed to be used for ranking up your heroes aka staring up your heroes…cause you get them at maxed level

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