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    This is a laughably terrible list. 3 Samsung, 2 oneplus and not one mention of LG, HTC or Sony? LG is by far the best affordable flagship, is a contender with the best. It's BY FAR the best choice for anyone who likes audio.

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    Yeah I think the S10 is the best overall this year.

    Pixel 3a should have got a consideration for the budget category. ASUS was most improved.

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    It's not only phones that look all the same, it's also the reviews… Samsung, Oneplus , Google, Huawei ALL THE TIME!!! Anybody else becomes bored with that?

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    Got my hand X2 Pro best phone I've bought in years, snappy, smooth, good battery life & even better charging technology (0-100% 32m.)

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    Still can't stand the horizontal task switcher that Google changed to. Seeing one app at a time is stupid. All that scrolling. Eww!
    Bring back the oreo vertical carousel Google!

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    Well, I will say Google takes the cake. This is the second time where I traded in an older, paid for Pixel device for a Samsung to see if they "improved" or not. Like in software experience and the camera but my last Galaxy (Note 10+), One UI just couldn't compare to Stock Android. And the camera was trash. Even the iPhone 11 takes better photos and videos. I ended up returning mine and going back to the Pixel. Now watching this and laughing in my Pixel 4 XL. I feel sorry for the people who settled and took an L with the Note 10. That phone is truly for fangirls and fanboys.

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    Best value for money should probably have been the pixel 3a xl. With all the camera bonuses of a flagship pixel and a great battery and headphone jack it wins hands down. I do think the s10e is a solid phone but is hard to compare the the 3a xl especially in price.

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    In my opinion, the regular note 10 is the best overall flagship of the year. It has the ideal form factor and a note 10 at about the same price as the s10+

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