Best Android TV Box 2020 – Finally a new thing!

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Best Android TV Box 2019 – New Final! This video is canceling my official message and reviewing the Beelink GT – King Android TV box! Is this the best / top android tv box 2019? With the new hardware spec, …


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    Changed to ATV launcher. Much nicer front end. The air mouse tends to lose focus requiring a bit of recentering. Latest Antutu terracotta gfx test fails on this box (Vulcan issue). 32bit OS, not sure if ANY android boxes run 64bit OS yet?

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    these chinese box with amlogic cpu is really bad , the will stop working after a while wifi and all that , dumbass scammer they get paid to lie

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    hi.. ive had very mixed feelings about android boxes as i stream 50gb files from my Qnap NAS and often they buffer and lag on kodi (as an example). Do you think the king is a step up? just fed up returning boxes to amazon .. I currently use a Oppo 203 UDP as my streamer but lacks the UI and meta art etc.. cheers and HNY!

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    Stay clear of this box it's full of software bugs, probs with usb3 and air mouse, really bad customer support plus it's os it 32bit not 64bit. A total botch job. No firmware updates. But if you want trouble buy this box.

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    Hey, great vid. Could you please do a vid on the top 5 android tv boxes? Maybe top 5 running android tv vs pure android as well. We all know The Shield is number 1. Just curious as to the rest.

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    For the price and from what other said about the Mi box s I would suggest this one over anything in the low/medium price range. Somehow it is cheaper than the Mi Box S by $5. In fact at $45 you could buy two of these and still have money left from going with it over this box, don't get me wrong the box looks so cool I am still tempted.
    VANKYO MatrixBox X95 Max 4K Android 9.0 TV Box, Ultra HD 4GB RAM 32GB ROM TV Streaming Player w/Amlogic S905X2 64 Bits Quad Core Processor, H.265/2.4G/5GHz WiFi/USB3.0/BT4.2 Supported

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    Honestly ? Useless review. And what's so new about this box ? Slightly faster CPU ? Does it do Dolby Vision ? HDR10, HDR10+ ? Dolby Atmos ? Hadmi is 2.0 ? or 2.1 ? Does it have all security certifications to run Netflix in 4k and HDR ?….. Useless…

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    Hey #asbyt I got this on your recommendation and it runs beautifully but I got 2 problems with it. I cant load Diseny+ and worst when I turn it off after 1 min and½ it turns back on. Why?

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    my internet service provider launched android tv box in 2015 with android 4.2.2 . then the box got updated to android 8.0 ( France – bouygues telecom- bbox miami)

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    Kodi is a pain in the ass…like you said, you have to constantly update it. Now I upload the .apk files for BeeTV, MorphTV and UnlockMyTV….so much easier

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    It has to be on the dongle smart guy how do you pair the Bluetooth if your not connecting over USB! Just think about that for a tick and let that set in.

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    i just received mine today i dont know how to set up android tv on my phone on youtube so help would be appreciated, there is no code in the app on tv box.

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