Best Android TV Box for Games 2018

Rate the best Android TV Box 2018 for games, links are down and below are very appreciated for your examples!

# Wetek Play 2

# Matricum box 3

# Emtec jewel box

# Amazon New Fire TV

# Nvidia Shield TV

You already have an Android TV box but do you need a console? Check…


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    Your showing boxes with only one gb of DDR which completely sucks and lags often with gaming and forget multitasking efficiency. Your claiming them to be the best for gaming when that's the furthest from the truth

    At min you want a box with 3GB of DDR3 OR 2GB of DDR4
    to be able to not only multitask but not worry about lag or freezes

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    The Nvidia Shield TV has a 500 Gb version that comes with the controller and remote. Why didn't you guys show that one? The 16 Gb version is the streamers version (Netflix, Hulu, etc.)

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