Best soccer games for Android and iOS 2016/2017

Top 5 soccer or soccer games available on Android and iOS, leave an example!

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    Strange that you missed Virtuafoot Manager, which is an utterly brilliant game. I would say that as I have been playing for about 11 years now.

    Thousands of players from around the world split into leagues. A season lasts only 7 weeks, so disappointment one season can be quickly turned around.

    The game is totally free, and there is no pay-to-win options, wich is unfortunetly the flaw of many other games. Virtuafoot Manager also have a great community, which can help you in the game, especially at the begining. Fun and addictive.

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    Thank you for your video but I don't agree with you that OSM No.1 since it leaks match animation. In my point of view Top Football Manager is No. 1 after I tried all of these games. Finally and again thank you.

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