Best video editing app for Android and iPhone

This is the best video editing app for Android and iPhone devices. In my opinion, this video editing app is the best on the market. Even if you use a regular computer for your videos, this app will help you to create social media clips and other promotional videos on the go or you can use it to fully edit your videos.

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    I like this app and this video. The thing that I'm looking for is something like this but yet it would be nice to have an additional feature? It would be nice to have this type app but the additional feature would be, a VLOGING Camera that would allow you to slip from your front facing camera while recording or going live on any platform and you will not have to hit stop while recording just flip from the front facing camera to the back facing camera in real time. With my phone's camera that I have when I am videoing I have to stop videoing then I have to flip the camera then press record again and it would be nice do you have the ability she just swiping my finger or doing a certain gesture that if I do that gesture it will delete the gesture out of the video when it record's it? I myself I am on a low fixed income and it would be nice to find something that's not that expensive to actually purchase right out but yet it would be nice to not have to just pay so much a year it would be nice to ask a purchase the entire app one time and then I never have to make a payment again? the other thing is I am legally blind and so it would be nice to have an app that is very easy to see and it would be nice to have the ability of using these types of features or at least have it so that when you download the app for free if you don't want the Water Mart all you have to do is click a button that says watch an ad and you would just watch one single ad and after you watch that one ad that is how they just a few seconds long it will let you take the watermark off of the video. another type of thing that would be really cool is to be able to create an intro and exit video that you can put at the beginning and at the end anything that you are vlogging and then you could be already saved in the program so you can guess what you're beginning and ending intro videos into your video that you just Vlogged. I love how this allows you to put a picture but it would be nice if you could add a video as well and choose how loud or soft the video audio can be as well? The more simpler that program works the easier it would be as well.

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    Hey happy new year's! I need you're help again smh. I just wanted to say thanks for always being there & helping when i need it! You have no idea how much that means to me. I would like to send you a clip of a screen grab i did. There is a channel called anti copyright that continues to copyright claim my content under an record company's name. When i click on the dispute link it sends me directly to there channel where they have a bunch of links on how to beat youtube's copyright laws & how to admittedly get monetized which i believe is illegal by the way. I've been trying to contact YouTube & I've sent it to other youtubers but LITERALLY NO ONE IS LISTENING TO ME! so i decided to just try to take the audio out the video today. When i click on the remove audio link it sends me to another channel that hasn't uploaded in 13 years called "audio". Is there anyway i can send you the clip so you can see exactly what I'm talking about? I know for a fact this isn't supposed to be happening and it's extremely frustrating!

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