Billionair. Malfunction / Unlimited Money (Without Deception / Hack) iOS

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Billionair. By Alegrium Coin / Money glitch. This bug includes setting ahead of your device time. Please note that when you return back to what you should be, the game will give you a time penalty …


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    I don't think you can classify this as unlimited…unless you spent an infinite amount of time putting the time forward by which point you would be dead and have no reason to do it anymore.

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    just saying that this doesnt work anymore… you can change your date and time but then when you go back to the normal date to use your internet it says'WELCOME BACK FROM THE FUTURE' and you will have to wait 24 hours to play it again…

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    If you went to the comment section having a question here is the answer set your time back before downloading/opening the game then open the game do what he said then set time to regular date that's all

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    good luck with that anti cheat, i just return to real time in the weekends (i play skyrim) and just "stay in prison" while im not playing lol

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