BlackBerry Priv – 20+ Tips and Tricks! (4K)

Special BlackBerry tips and tricks. 20+ best tips and tricks for an Android Blackberry Priv smartphone. Hey guys, I'm back with another video for all the tech lovers out there. I create daily tech videos to provide as much technical content as possible.

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    hello, i have got to the bootloader screen but then when i select reboot into fastboot mode then a few seconds its a blank screen then goes to the same bootloader menu, why wont it reboot into fastboot mode.

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    Most things he mentions I am trying to remove. When looking at the map while driving the screen goes black with the clock displayed constantly. It is kinda unusable

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    After watching so many reviews… though I love bb , I have decided its better to get another phone. It has nothing spleecial apart from the keypard. But no fingerprint…

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    SERIOUSLY?!?!?! 'gestures' is NOT pronounced 'guestures' its pronounced 'JESTURES'!!! Im not trying to be mean, and you do sound as though you have a bit of a cold. So if I'm jumping on you for no reason, then I apologize but if not, then START READING MORE AND LEARN HOW TO PROPERLY EXECUTE THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE!!!

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    can i set customized notification calls so only phone numbers i pick will ring? eg. only my parents can wake me up when i sleep etc.

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    How to turn off notifications at night, so the only thing can wake me up is a phone call or sms.. but no internet based notification.

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    Lift to wake feature need some time ,when we keep device fkat surface U are doing do quicklyUsing this features in bbz30

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