Blade & Soul Mobile – lvl 1 ~ 16 Gameplay – Android on PC – F2P – CN

This is the long awaited Blade & Soul Mobile game. The game itself is a very simple card game like many other Asian games, it remembers Valkyrie Crusade or similar. The game is simple but addictive, you have many main characters from the original game to collect them with some great artwork.

All you need to do is download the apk and log in with the QQ account. IOS version ….


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    yes but i want aion legions. i hope the gameplay will be different tho…

    come on ncsoft you can do better than this

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    is this game always in auto mode or you can manually control your chars (choose who will attack and who the target is) in match?

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    nunca aceptaré el móvil como plataforma de juego… lo irónico es ver cómo estos juegos realmente donde más los puedes disfrutar es en un pc…

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