BMW Android BMW upgrade screen BMW Show Koason 10.25 "Display | F22 F30 F32 N55

Here's everything you need to upgrade your head unit:
Cutting tools:
Unit Head:
Micro SD card:
Heat shrink:
Electrical tape:

What I used to make this video:
Lens combo:
Backpack: …


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    Thanks for the video, I've got a few questions.
    Does this still allow you access to the idrive system?
    You mentioned adding Android Auto later via USB? I saw the USB inserts but I'm curious how that would work? I wasn't aware that there was an Android Auto USB dongle or would you just route the USB cables so you could connect your phone?
    If I don't have a backup camera, is there an easy way that I could add it to work with this setup?
    And last question did you look at any of the Bimmer-tech offerings?

    I'm currently trying to figure out the best upgrade path for me. I have the 8.8" screen with NAV but no backup camera. I was considering this from Bimmer-tech but I've not seen anyone actually install and review it… I've read that the audio quality isn't as good as stock and that for Android Auto to work you've got to connect your phone via USB and use a headphone jack with the audio aux input. Plus it's $875 for this setup with the rear camera added. Hoping for maybe a Black Friday deal but if your option still allows idrive access and I could add a rear camera that may be a better option?

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    Sweet head unit installation video! For those of us that's just watching you for the first time, what's the year and model of your BMW? And is this install going to differ across different year models? What differences can we look out for?

    One more question for us with brand new BMWs, how would this install affect our warranties? Thanks for puttin' this video out man, very helpful. Keep rockin' it!

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