Bowling King by Miniclip – now out on iOS and Android!

Wear bowling shoes and get ready to hit the lanes – Bowling King is here! Download for free RIGHT NOW on iOS and Android! Subscribe to get more:

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it, get it on iOS:

We are excited to announce that Miniclip is now publishing Bowling King, as we celebrate ….


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    Don't waste your time to developers are a piece of shit very rude very smart about stealing your money though. Many complaints about all their games on Google's website

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    Miniclip This Game Won't Let Me Play, Because Of Network Error It Says Your Network Is Unstable Please Check Your Network Setting So My Wifi Is Already Turn On So Way It Says Your Network Is Unstable Please Check Your Network Setting All The Time So Fix This Thing!! ?

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    This game is rigged and completely phony. You are not playing against another person, you are playing against a computer generated game that is trying to suck you into spending money. I will never waste my time playing any Miniclip game again. Fraud!!!

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    You asked me my player # and the date I made the purchase that didn't take, they are the following: my # is 32.55.1328 and the date I paid the 54.99 was 10/22.15.I am Thomas Gena serp@roadrunner.comP.S. ypu stated when I gave u this info you would give me my points of over 70 million back on my game.Thank You for you're concern and help.

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    miniclip dont do this, nitrome already has failed like this. dont make phone ONLY games, you are a flash game website, so do make flash games not phone ONLY games

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    This game Looks really good but as usual, it has coins and cash which in my opinion, is the reason why so many of Miniclips games are going downhill. i love Miniclip & 8 ball pool. I am quite into soccer stars too. But everything is about coins. On the run too. I had that game a week and deleted it. I was expecting a bit more than that in my honest opinion. The police chase lasts for about 10 seconds. I got bored within half an hour of release and uploading. i just hope this game is actually worth downloading and playing

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    Miniclip please by adding same games as on Android and IOS on Windows Phone e.g : Soccer stars, 8 ball pool,, Dude perfect 2, Bike rivals, Monster island and FREE Fragger.Please about as the fastest write-off to me !!!!

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