Burn Card Maker: Recover All Android Amlogic TV Boxes – Short Pin Method

In this guide, we show you how to use a card burning tool to make a bootable SD card to reinstall the Android firmware on your Amlogic Android TV.

This tutorial also explores the SHORT PIN method, which can be used for devices that not only respond to the Amlogic USB Burning Tool, but also to other recovery methods.

We consider this recovery method the last option for users who have …


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    I have mecool M8 Pro l lb version pictame with Android seven the normal version of Android I want to install the the Android TV operating system which comes with the same model that has the voice remote I have the infrared remote version running the normal Android but this box does not have a reset button inside the AV port so is it possible to install the image which I have of the Android Operating System onto this box by shorting the pin and using the amlogic card maker method please reply the firmware is almost the same I believe in the sense that it is belonging to the same model and the same hardware configuration please reply

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    Hello Mathew, I wonder if card burner wont work trying to install using windows 10. I downloaded , but then I cant open and changing to English. Also the shortening of the pins, is there any right sequence as how to do it? Let me know. Thanks in advance

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    I bricked my M8S OTT box. I tried several methods and tutorial from online. Nothing helped.
    How can I fix it? How do i find the right stock firmware or android installed in my box?

    Please help.

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    i got an 802 m8 i ran the wrong firmware it bricked red…the USB burning tool works i just need the right rom i searched and bought but nothing works 2 days straight and I'm steadily going backward…

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    I've got a standard MXQ box and it doesnt boot, i've got a signal through the HDMI but the screen just stays blank. This happened after i did a factory reset using the recovery menu. Now when i attempt to re-enter the recovery menu i find that my box WON'T power on whilst i'm pressing the hidden reset button in the A/V socket. if i cant access the recovery menu, how do i recover my box?

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    I have x96mini, 2Gb 16Gb amlogic chip, unfortunately got power off while updating from SD card, now it is showing only red led while power on.
    Plz help

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    My H96 pro+ is inserted the firmware sd card. It shows box logo when I apply power. It shows Updating for half second only when I press the Reset button. Do you think the box still have a chance to recover? Is a usb cable the last way to try?

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    S905X QBOX wich firmware i can also use for this box, original firmware i cannot fiind annymore 🙁 any help please, with links or something, please…thank you.. im stuck with android logo on he sayd upgraid, but he doe maibe 5% and then nothing happend, he stop and nothing more, just stay on boot logo but no more then 5 procend and it's freez so…any help please

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    Hey mxq project! My reset button doesn't work lol I killed my mxq by deleting the main rom now I'm stuck on boot logo

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    Hi I have a Mygica 1800e box 2gb Ram and 16gb mem on lollipop. Was working fine for years until recently now it only boots up to Lollipop logo and stays on that screen. I have tried countlessly times booting to Recovery but no longer can get into recovery. Done the push rest button and plug in power to no avail (worked in the past) . Hoping you can help ?

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    Hello thanks for you're help!
    I have the T95z Plus 3GB 32gb
    Haven't completely resolved the issue but you have got me somewhere:

    So following your steps putting firmware on the sd card then I had to go to the last step and open up the box and short the pins. It booting up straight to the firmware when shorting it (not updating & reflashing the box)

    Anyway after booting up to the box I put twrp(recovery.img) and poison rom on the SD card. Downloaded terminal and tried to reboot into twrp through the terminal:
    reboot update

    It then hung on the black screen like it did when it was bricked so i shorted it again using the method then it went into twrp

    I then went onto install poison rom onto the box booted up fine.

    Go to turn the box off then turn it back on again and it doesn't do anything until you short it…. then it boots up again just fine… also if i take the SD card out then try turn it on then short it it wont do anything its like it needs the SD card in to even boot?

    Maybe its using the SD card as storage and not the internal storage?

    I'm not sure, Im might just solder the 2 pins I use to short it together then that will be that?

    Thanks again for your help

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    Hi. Thanks. I'm trying to restart an M8s pro w TV box that is stuck in red light.

    Two questions:
    1)shorting processor, red light goes off. Nothing happens. Do I have to short processor and press reset button simultaneously?

    2) I'm trying to restart the box stuck in red light. Can I short processor's pins in order to restart without sd inserted?

    3) I've tried to connect via USB male/male cable to USB burning tool but after shorting processor's pin nothing happens.

    4) I've noticed you have same pins for reset in your pcb where you showed how to short processor. With respect to reset button, It's not clear to me which of 4 pins I've to shorten to reset. 2 holes (upper), two dots (lower) separeted by a "+" sign in the middle. Looking on internet reset is alternatively suggested by: shorting hole pins, shorting "+"pins, shorting 1hole and 1+ pin without difference if is made on the left or right size.

    Could you help me please?

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    I have a custom android TV box made from China they didn't give me what I paid for. All off me boxes are locked you need a code to unlock the boxes. My control panel for my IPTV wont unlock my boxes. Can you email me if so I can ship 1 of my boxes to you to see if you could unlock it? My email address is TNTOneServices.TX@yahoo.com. Thanks!

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    I have an unbranded 2/26GB-LPDDR3–S912-based box with HS2734a-modem, which I have bricked (again).
    The eMMC is labeled 7XAI8/HBBSY. I am now starting to search the correct pins.
    After watching your video, I am still wondering if the "recovery-button" needs to be pressed, while shorting the pins and powering the board? That would require more hands than I have… B-)

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