Can you beat the champion of Leon with a GASTLY LEVEL 1 team in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

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    how about you beat Leon with a Level 1 Zacian?
    just do it before the FBI shows up to your house saying that you're hacking on Pokemon and they are taking you away to Nintendo America

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    humans in 1970: We will have flying cars, an ultra futuristic utopia and super advanced technology by 2019
    humans in 2019:

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    I don't expect for the AI to be VGC level… but at least if you are the "undefeated champion" don't be a dumb idiot that doesn't get what's going on with a simple strat…

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    I feel like using items during the match for this is kind of cheating. Why not just use Revives at the end to wait out Perish Song, instead of worrying about your Special Defense

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    so this is hard? put on a focus sash/ max friendship and use trick room. then use destiny bond on all your ghastly, if Leon has 6 pkmn save a ghastly with perish song and swap to another sash, use protect than swap to another sash and boom w for u

    if anybody has a better idea plz reply

    edit team comp should be 3 ghastly with sash, 3 with quick claw in case of ending trick room all should now perish song, destiny bond, and trick room

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