Connect Android or Laptop to an Ethernet cable or any USB device using an Ethernet / USB adapter

Connect an Android or Windows / Mac Laptop device to an Ethernet cable or any USB device using the WEme Ethernet / USB Adapter. USB C to Gigabit Ethernet and 3 USB 3.0 hub ports. How to connect Ethernet to Android device. How to connect an Ethernet cable to a smartphone. Connect the network cable to the android device. Android Ethernet over Wi-Fi.

WEme 2-in-1 USB C for Gigabit Ethernet and 3 USB 3.0 ports …


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    It is possible to realize a simple 2 or 3 meter adapter cable with a micro USB socket to be inserted in the cell phone and an RJ45 socket to be connected to the Powerline.

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    i am sorry if i bother you, i found your (old) thread about Usb2ETH, i need only some information

    i would like to allow my tablet Teclast T20 to connect to ethernet cable, via an ethernet adapter that i already own, that is based on the chipset

    ASIX AX88772


    I saw a video where the older version of my tablet (Teclast T10) is connected to Ethernet through an adapter with same chipset as mine. ( (min 5:55) [URL=""][/URL] )

    But the T10 has different CPU MT8176 instead of mine MT6797X (Helio X27) , and it is only WiFi, instead my T20 has also the 4G module.

    My tablet is rooted, runs Nougat 7.1.1, but i wonder if it can support Ethernet connectivity (i.e. the driver is installed in the kernel)

    Can you please tell me if there is a way to check that?

    By the way, installing an app 'USB device info' i see that the adapter is recognized : the app reports correctly the brand and the model of the device: 'Asix 88772'.

    This means that the driver is installed?

    My problem is that the data connection does not work and the leds are not blinking…

    Any suggestion?

    Every answer is appreciated, thank you!

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    how to have both RJ45 and keep powered the tablet? is there any device that splits the cable to give OTG and power at the same time?

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    I saw your video about blue screen you uploaded I think 4 years before and I read all comment and I have no option without subs you, you deserve it so please help me i have hp laptop and I need install window xp when driver was uploaded after setup is starting Windows. …..suddenly blue screen plese help me .. or give me your whatsup nmbr thanks !!

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