Convert any Android phone to IPHONE 11 PRO!

Want your Android phone to be in the Apple Ecosystem as iPhone? Visit here, and download KDE Connect!

Here are some kiddie things to do
Run commands on macOS from Android
Send and receive SMS messages
See the phone battery level on the desktop
Ring your phone to help find it
Send files from Mac to Android
Send files from Android to macOS
Sync clipboard ….


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    Now what we need is how to make iPhones play nicely with PC's… without installing iTunes which puts permanent hooks into your system which cannot be removed!
    One of my iPhones is disabled, but I'd rather throw the phone out than install iTunes to save it.

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    When I first saw the video title, I immediately thought "why the hell would I want to do that?" Lol nice video man
    You even have a logo and an intro now, noiceee!! ????????????
    It's a full blown brand now! Growthhhhh!

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    Oh, boy, do I feel like a dumb ass. I expected you to fiddle around with all the shitty iOS like launchers from the play store and some additional apps to create an iOS like experience. After that thought I was like "Nah, Mark wouldn't step so low and do THAT". Glad I am a dumb ass! Very cool video and idea.

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